Circular Linden

Another Linden! The first make for my “perfect casual wardrobe”. With a circular twist.

Circular Linden, We the Sewing 2

The main fabric is quite an odd, not very stretchy ribbed poly cotton that I bought on Walthamstow market ages ago (more poly than cotton…). It’s super static so I keep sparking when I touch metal which is hilarious. Still love it though! The circular fabric is the cut-out from when I made the peplum skirt for this dress – I felt really frugal finding a good use for it :)

In order to add the circle, I simply cut out a whole in the pattern using the pink circular fabric piece as a guide (reducing the hole to allow for 1cm of seam allowance). Despite combining two very different fabrics – one knit and one upholstery fabric – it it worked fine. I just used a lot of pins and a walking foot when sewing. I then topstitched around the circle to keep it in place. Since the sweatshirt is so baggy, I didn’t bother using a stretch stitch when adding the circle piece – I guess I’ll see when I wash it whether that was a good idea or not!

Linden is SUCH a great pattern guys – the perfect casual garment if you ask me. I struggled (yet again) with the neckline, but this time it was because the main fabric wasn’t particularly stretchy. I ended up using some lovely organic black ribbing I had left over from another project for it instead. The black contrast fabric made a nice detail. The main fabric is a bit stretched around the neckline (as you can see in the pictures), but that’s pretty much gone after a few days of wearing it.

Circular Linden, We the Sewing 3

Circular Linden, We the Sewing 1How much do you love the Linden pattern?

Pattern summary:

Total: £6


16 thoughts on “Circular Linden

  1. Such a cute idea and it looks great on you!

    I want to get back into sewing, maybe not as much in 2015, but definitely later, and your journey to filling in the gaps in your wardrobe through casual pieces will definitely be a starting point for me! I’m so guilty of the “that’s a pretty dress/skirt/shirt let’s make it” but not actually integrating it in my wardrobe!

  2. I love the linden very very very much!;-) 4 and no end in sight! Your version is brilliant, I might have to try this too! Also great idea with the swap! I am in!

  3. Very cool indeed! I did read somewhere of someone making the linden in a not very stretchy knit and she made the neckband cut on the bias which gave it more stretch….. I think it was on the Make Something blog. Love your circle. I too would have just top stitched it on but I’m sure the finish you’ve done looks far nicer!

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