So before I wrote the last post – I made a pretty dress…

In my last post, I wrote about my sewing plans going forward and how I’m planning to focus on making a more casual wardrobe. Please note that I made this dress before writing that. Now I know that I’d already designated my Dahlia dress to be my New Years outfit, but I got a last minute itch and decided to go in another direction. And here is the result.


The itch came from seeing this lovely dress on Pintrest. It’s a gorgeous little number sold by Vain and Vapid (formerly on Etsy – not sure where they’ve gone). I loved the oversized and relaxed silhouette, and the high waist. I’ve never been a huge fan of peplum tops or dresses before, but this convinced me to give it a go.

I decided to make it out of some upholstery fabrics in my stash, left over from my glorious days strolling down Walthamstow market (sigh). I’ve got no idea what the material is, but it’s gorgeously silky and the pattern is made up of white dots in diamond shapes. It’s much too heavy to give the same drape as the original, but I’m still really happy with the outcome.

The dress is a bit of a mix, combining this Burda Sheath dress pattern with my own design. I used By Hand London’s circle skirt app for the peplum skirt.

Now a note on the Burda pattern… Despite sewing a very large size 42 in order to get the oversized look, the skirt just wouldn’t cover my arse. I had to insert quite a significant triangular bit of fabric at the back in order to make it work. I should have checked the hip size obviously, but I just thought that since I was making such a large size, it wouldn’t be a problem. Not brilliant grading Burda..

I decided to wear it with a belt in the end in order to emphasise the waist a bit. You still get quite a oversized bulky kind of impression – which is totally intentional.



DSC02650I had a lot of fun on New Year’s Eve in this dress. As I’m sure you can tell from the wrinkles! The fit around the armholes are bordering on too tight, but I think it looks fine. This one will definitely be gettin’ more dance floor action in the future.

Did you make and wear something for New Years?

Pattern summary:

  • Burda Sheath Dress: £4
  • Fabric: 3m fabric £12
  • Notions (incl. zipper, eye and hook fastening etc): £5

Total: £21

7 thoughts on “So before I wrote the last post – I made a pretty dress…

  1. I love it! It’s not a silhouette I’d wear, but it looks good on you and really unique. Plus you seem to love wearing it! For new year’s I wore a faux leather skirt in silver I’d sewn for our office Christmas party (still unblogged) and for Christmas a teal Mortmain. Loved both items!

    (Have I gotten it wrong, but are you Swedish?)

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