New Years Dahlia

I’ve managed to squeeze in a precious weekend at my mum’s amidst crazy Uni project writing, the result of which is due just before Christmas. Saturday night we spent watching costume dramas* on TV and I finally got time to paint my Dahlia dress, which I’ve had finished for ages.

A while back, I asked for advise on Instagram regarding what colour to paint it in, to which the resounding answer was GOOOLD. Since then I’ve been researching what pattern to paint on it like mad (Marilla’s Print Pintrest board is always a good place to start). Sometimes the level of choice when making my own clothes massively stress me out. Does anyone else ever get that – decision anxiety? I settled on a super simple dotted pattern, a little bit inspired by the thought of snow falling (actual snow is far way off in Denmark sadly..). I think the dress will be my party frock for New Years.

We the sewing Dahlia dress 3

The photo’s are slightly blurry, thanks to some dodgy light in my mum’s living room. Bless her, she was the most patient photographer ever, catering for her saddo blogger daughter!

You can’t really see the gold details very well, but it’s a beautiful warm shiny gold (the same that I’ve used for my purses). After looking in every single drawer in the house for useful tools to make a pattern with, I finally settled on the simplest thing I could find – a glass head pin. I simply dipped it in the paint, and carefully made a small imprint on the fabric. Easy as pie.

We the sewing Dahlia dress 4I made lots and lots of alterations to the dress pattern. First of all, I made a significant SBA (which took shape over two muslin versions), which more or less removed the neckline gather in the original pattern. Despite my two muslins, when I made the dress, it hung off me like a sack, which led me to rip out most seams and take it in pretty much everywhere. I think I must be seriously overestimating my measurements, as most things I make are too big. I think I might invest in this clever measuring tape that Sarai recommended in one of her posts.

We the sewing Dahlia dress 5I also shortened the sleeves quite a bit. I think the end result is a bit more snug than they originally indended it to be, but I think it looks better a bit more fitted on me. I am really happy with the painted pattern as well. The one thing that I’m not 100% happy with is the neckline (I think necklines are my bloody nemesis) which is slightly gaping. But I’m hoping that some serious ironing will do the trick.

We the sewing Dahlia dress 2The fabric is from Stof og Stil, and is a lovely smooth viscose something. The reason I decided to paint it, is that it turned out a bit boring on its own.

What festive outfits are you making this year?

Pattern summary:

  • Dahlia pattern: £9
  • Fabric: 3m fabric £24
  • Fabric paint: I’ve got this brand from Panduro Hobby in my stash
  • Notions: £2

Total: £35

* Did you know that PD James wrote a murder mystery called Death Comes to Pemberley? Anyway, they’ve made a TV show of it, and me being a Jane Austen nerd, it came as happy news. So I thought I’d share :)

19 thoughts on “New Years Dahlia

  1. Gorgeous! I love the paint on it, definitely lifts the dress into a new league. I think we are both having similar urges to embellish fabrics at the moment, which is not a bad thing…

  2. So beautiful! And I think this is one of the least gaping Dahlia necklines I’ve seen. I’ve been thinking of making a dark blue blouse with gold embroidery; maybe I should get on with it and wear it for Christmas… ‘Death Comes to Pemberley’ was pretty good, wasn’t it?

    • Haha thanks! That is the best compliment ever. I do hate sewing necklines… Blue and gold goes really well together, so do it! And yes, I quite enjoyed it – nice to see the characters developed a bit further :)

    • Thank you! :) I am really happy with how it turned out – was a bit scared before starting to paint it. Easy to ruin something when you play with paint…

  3. This is gorgeous! I love the navy and gold color combo, so classic and festive. The dress looks lovely on you! The extra fitting work sure paid off! I’m about to start on a Kim dress from the By Hand London ladies for my festive dress!


  4. Wow, it’s so beautiful! Classic and elegant and the color combination of navy with gold is perfect for New Year’s!

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