I love all of Grainline’s patterns, so when the Linden Sweatshirt pattern came out I hesitated for about no seconds at all before clicking the buy button. That was a smart move. What wasn’t too smart was making my first version with a tricky quilted fabric, and try using piping for the first time. Due to no ones fault but my own, it was a bit of an annoying make. But in the end, I can’t help but love it.

We the sewing Linden 3

I had been eyeing up this fabric for quite while at Stof og Stil’s Copenhagen branch, thinking it would be perfect for the freezing cold nordic winters. The end result is super warm, but it’s not the best fabric to sew with a 1/4″ seam allowance, as the quilted padding/fluff keeps escaping when you sew, and it doesn’t look too hot zigzagged.

I also had a bit of an issue with the neckline. I first used some lovely dark blue organic cotton ribbing (also from Stof of Stil), but I didn’t bother checking how it stretched in relation to the stretch of the quilted fabric. This meant that I ended up with a really ugly puckered neckline which had to go. I just cut it off, and decided to use a non stretch cotton bias binding to finish the neckline. I’m sure this is a naughty no-no when working with stretch, but I was a bit frustrated at the time! I don’t think the end result looks too bad, if a bit wide…

I scrapped the ribbing fabric all together, and used the quilted fabric for the hems as well. It turned out ok, but the pattern matching of the fabric isn’t great.

We the sewing Linden 1

We the sewing Linden 2I also made the decision to emphasise the raglan sleeves (which I love) using some rather tricky faux leather piping. A great idea in theory, but since I’d never sewn with piping before, not great in practise. The piping was also a bit ‘sticky’, and so didn’t feed through too well when sewing. I don’t think it spoils the overall look however, as long as you don’t look too closely…

I sewed a straight size 12, and only lengthened the bodice and sleeves by 1 inch. In hindsight don’t even think the adjustments were necessary, which is rare for me, being so tall.

So, a lot of learning from this project! It definitely hasn’t put me off Linden, which I think is a great pattern. I really like that Jen designed it to be so big as it makes it perfect for thicker and warmer fabrics. I’m even thinking about making a fleece one (I don’t deal too well with the cold).

Finally – during our photo sesh Dan had me channel a ballerina. And a hamster. And a bodybuilder… But those pics are for another time.

We the sewing Linden 4


Pattern summary:

  • Linden pattern: £7.5
  • Fabric: 1.5m quilted fabric £15
  • Piping: £2
  • Notions: negligible

Total: £24.5


14 thoughts on “Linden

  1. What a great make! I laid my eyes on the same fabric while visiting the “Stoff und Stil”-Shop in Lübeck this summer. But I didn’t buy it because I was unsure how it would be after the first machine wash, for example. But your Linden is looking great. :)

  2. Pretty fantastic! Looks like you mastered all problems! But yes, I had similar problems with the construction; this oh so fuzzy fabric made me long for a serger and sandwiching piping between the thick fabric was a challenge! Mine is holding up great after washing btw.

    • Tell me about it.. Have cheekily added a serger onto my sewing wishlist to my family. I loved your dress btw! Excellent quilted fabric details :)

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  4. I love the idea of adding piping! You, my friend, are brilliant! And in the future,a teeny bit of tissue between the sticky fabric and the presser foot helps things move along and you can tear it away after you finish the seam!


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