The lovely Maya

I am slightly overwhelmed at the moment by the recent cavalcade (I felt the need for a fancy word here) of amazing new indie patterns. I’m guessing it’s an autumn thing, but since I only started sewing clothes a year ago, I’m new to this shizzle.

Only in the past few days we’ve seen Grainline’s Linden sweatshirt (hells yes), Closet Case Files’ Ginger Jeans (I shall conquer my fear of sewing jeans, I shall!), Colette’s Dahlia dress (I’m hoping it will give me the killer curves I don’t have) and Katy and Laney’s Geometry Top (lost for words).

But, as much as I love all of these patterns, at the top of my list, without a doubt, I’ve had Marilla’s new pattern, the Maya top/dress.

We the sewing Maya Dress 2

Combining a rather full-on sewing addiction with doing a masters, as well as starting a small handmade accessories business, is hard. I hate that word, prioritising, but I guess that’s what it’s all about – and unfortunately this has meant that any selfish sewing has had to be shelved for a bit. On top of this I’m still figuring out this living in a new country malarkey. Like on sunday for example, I had to spend time going to a Danish flea market for the first time. Hard work, man…

So, it’s taken me a long time to get my shit together to make it. But here it is!

We the sewing Maya Dress 3

We the sewing Maya Dress 1

I decided to go for the dress version, and also to opted for one of the pattern variations that Marilla put up on her blog. The fabric is an old curtain fabric that my mum bought when she was pregnant with me, giving the dress some lovely sentimental value too.

I’m really happy with the end result. It’s probably more of a summer dress thanks to the fabric I’ve chosen (and the fact that Denmark is COLD), but that just means that I’ve got something to look forward to for next year.

You can tell that Marilla has put a lot of work on this pattern. The instructions are very clear, and I like that she’s advocating an approach to sewing that isn’t too anal (e.g. how a neckline binding that isn’t cut 100% on the bias will work just as well).

It’s a great pattern, and it allows for loads of variation. For more info, check our Marilla’s blog for inspiration! She’s recently made a Maya coat, which is pretty darn nice.

As always, Dan tries his best to make me ‘relax’ when taking photo’s. Not sure about the results, but at least he cracks me up.

We the sewing Maya Dress 1 4Pattern summary:

  • Pattern: £7.5
  • Fabric: 1.5m cotton fabric – recycled curtains £0
  • Notions: negligible

Total: £7.5


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