An Etsy adventure

Recently I made a conscious decision to really invest in my sewing. I love making, and after having made quite a few custom made accessories for friends and family recently, I realised that I really enjoy the design process as well.

So this, in combination with a need to earn some extra money whilst doing my MA, made me explore various ways of making money from sewing. I researched online platforms, marketing, pricing, and did a lot of thinking about what I would want to offer.

The end result I’m pleased to announce (slightly bleary eyed late on a Saturday evening) is the We the Sewing Etsy shop!


I gave a sneak peak on Instagram the other day, an I am now pleased announce that the shop is finally live as promised.

As you can see, the current selection consists only of zipper pouches (how delicious are those fabrics?!) but the plan is to add a wider range of accessories, including baby accessories, scarves and hopefully a few pieces of clothing.

Scary shit.

A major part of my business and my motivation to set it up is the sustainability aspect of it. My aim is to use only thrifted, vintage or gifted fabrics, as I don’t want to contribute to more unsustainable consumption. The beautiful Missoni fabrics I have used for several of the products currently available, were fabric samples that were headed for the bin, given to me by an (extraordinarily) kind friend.

Now, as I am far from knowing everything there is to know of this making and selling malarkey, any advise you have will be most gratefully received!

I have managed to get this party started on social media though, so if you would like to show your support for my little venture on Facebook, that would be fantastic. And if you happen to ‘favourite’ my shop on Etsy, and perhaps end up buying something, I won’t hold that against you either…

Thanks for listening guys!


9 thoughts on “An Etsy adventure

  1. Congratulations! Your makes look awsome, hope it works like you want it to. :)
    I’m not on Facebook, but I marked your shop as “favourite” on Etsy.
    Good luck! :)

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