Hand printed fabric = swapped

When you  move countries (or just move anywhere really), things tend to get lost. In boxes (so many, many boxes…). I’ve finally gotten my shit together and unpacked and made something with this beautiful hand printed fabric I got from Jen of The for Two. This was part of Marilla’s brilliant hand printed fabric swap last month. If you follow Marilla on instagram, you know that there has been plenty of hand print action going on.


I definitely did well in this swap. Jen has obviously spent a LOT of time on this print, and the fabric is a beautiful, almost emerald green cotton fabric that feels a litre bit like raw silk. Seeing that the fabric makes such a big statement in itself, I decided to use it to make a simple Scout Tee. I just upped the size slightly, and lengthened the sleeves a little bit to get a bit of volume.

(Apologies for the insanely badly ironed t-shirt below.)


Unfortunately I did my print in such a rush just before our move, that I forgot to take photo’s. I really don’t mind as the end results weren’t anywhere close to this level of print goodness (sorry Jen!). I used literally what I had in the house to make my print – potatoes

Here’s a final close-up. The fabric paint has glitter in it – amazeballs.


Thank you also to Marilla who organised it. It’s such good fun to try new things and with fabric printing the opportunities are literally endless, which is well demonstrated by Marilla’s print inspiration Pintrest board.

7 thoughts on “Hand printed fabric = swapped

  1. What a beautiful print! You’ve showcased it really well with this top.

    It’s been lovely to see all the different prints that people came up with.

  2. Gorgeous- I love seeing what everyone made in the fabric swap! I like that you’ve used a classic shape so that the print really is the focus. I’m hoping to do something similar with the lovely fabric Jenna printed for me- I’m thinking possibly a Belcarra top.

  3. Hasn’t this turned out nicely? I really enjoyed the challenge too, not least making something in fabric someone else chose and designed that I would not have bought. The neckline works brilliantly with the pattern. Well done!

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