The comfy black dress

In my last blog post I complained a little bit about the Danes obsession with black slouchy clothes. Obviously when it then came to planning my own fall/winter wardrobe I ended up with with ‘slouchy, black dress’ at the top of my list. The assimilation has begun. Before you know it, by colourful summer makes have had to make way for an army of black stuff. I’m weak I tell you, weak.


I made this very simple dress using a self drafted sweat shirt dress pattern from a memade project earlier this year. I made the sleeves full-length, added quite a bit of length and some contrasting pockets using the Moneta dress pocket pattern piece. I wanted something long and slouchy that I could wear with a belt. Luckily I placed the pockets so far down, that their placement was perfect when pulling the dress up a bit. Finally I added some elastic along the side seams by the hem to shape the dress slightly.

The fabric was part of my last fabric sweep in Walthamstow (outside Sainsbury’s man – I miss you!), and is a really warm and thick cotton (mixed withs something) knit fabric. I’m planning to make a few pairs of leggings to wear with it when it gets a bit colder. I can easily put on some layers underneath as well, in case the Danish winters so demands.

Dan helped me take these photo’s – the collaboration is happy and cheerful every time….

DSC01718I’m really happy with the end result. It’s ridiculously comfortable and I don’t really want to take it off. And it only took a few hours to put together. I think I might make a few more…

Pattern summary:

  • Pattern: Memade and free
  • Fabric: 1.5m knit – £4.5 (+ some grey scraps for the pockets)
  • Notions: negligible

Total: £4.5

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