Made in Denmark

Ok, so it’s been a while, and a lot has happened. We now live in Denmark and I am nowadays a happily unemployed masters student. But first thing’s first: I made a quilt.

We the sewing quilt - front

We arrived in Copenhagen to the very happy news that one of my best friends and his lovely girlfriend are having a baby. Not for quite a few months yet, but for some reason it made want to make them a baby blanket. Immediately. I’ve never quilted before, so a baby blanket seemed a good size to start with. I combined this great tutorial by Made by Rae on Sew Mama Sew’s website, with this heart shape quilt tutorial. Once I put it together, I barely quilted it at all. You can see here what the pattern look like from the back. It being my first ever quilt, I wanted to keep it simple.

We the sewing Quilt - backI am pretty tired after a long week at university, so here’s a summary of a few initial thoughts and impressions.

  • Copenhagen is fantastic. We couldn’t be more happy with our move.
  • My masters (in Social Entrepreneurship and Management) has kicked off with a bang. Turns out you really do have to study quite a bit. If you don’t see me on here as frequently, it’ll be because I’ll be procrastinating over a book elsewhere.
  • If you want to be stylish like a Dane – wear slouchy black clothes. It’s getting a little bit… monochrome over here. But everyone’s beautiful as to be expected.
  • We live 40minutes bike ride from the sea. Suck on that London.
  • There are cycle lanes literally everywhere. It’s so safe you’ll find 3 year-olds cycling around Copenhagen with their parents.
  • We have this HUGE flat. Meaning that this lady has her own sewing room (I’m still sewing amongst boxes so I won’t share photo’s of it just yet)! Admittedly there will be some studying going on in here as well, but mainly I’ll be working on filling it with fabrics…
  • ….which leads me onto my final point. There are very few fabric stores and haberdasheries in Copenhagen. There is Stof og Stil which admittedly is pretty great, but not many small independent shops I’ve been told. If I’m wrong, please tell me where I haven’t been looking!

Next on my list of to make’s are warm winter clothes. Now that I’ve taken the Seamless Pledge I actually need to be quite strategic with what I sew, especially with winter approaching. Has anyone got tips for some good cardigan or equally warm clothes patterns?


9 thoughts on “Made in Denmark

  1. Hello – and welcome to Denmark. You asked about good fabricshops in copenhagen. I dont know many since i’m from aarhus. But i have however come across s really Nice one named ‘City sycenter’ in Fiolstræde in the center of the City. You could also try stof2000. Otherwise come to aarhus- here we have some pretty great fabricshops.

    • Tak Mette! Will definitely check these places out. Hopefully I’ll make it to Aarhus too some time – will let you know when I do sot hat you can recommend your local haunts :)

  2. I have been on holiday to Denmark and really enjoyed it. One of my friends lives near Aarhus (who is a mega textiles buff) so I will ask her where she gets her supplies from.
    Glad you have settled into to Danish life and are enjoying your studies.
    I have to complete my MA dissertation by next weekend and its sooooo difficult to NOT be distracted by sewing blogs and other fun things. Luckily I’m near the end of my epic writing trauma and look forward to weekends without having to read educational papers / books / reports.

    • Oh god – you need to give me some tips! Obviously my studies come first, but I’m worried my sewing will suffer too much. Or is it just a matter of biting the bullet through busy periods? Congrats on almost finishing your thesis!!

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