Shorts for the boy

I finally made something for my fella. Shorts – just in time for summer to be over. He did manage to wear them to Wollacombe beach in North Devon the other day, but I have a feeling that might be it as summer seem to have abandoned Northern Europe completely, replacing it with rather harsh, cold winds. For the past few days we’ve been camping with a few friends in the area. Beautiful, but pretty darn cold at night.

I’m pleased I managed to spring my iPhone camera on him whilst we were on the beach, as an organised photo shoot would have had him running for the hills (I think he’d rather I wax his legs).

Jedediah shortsAlthough I reckon he got pretty into the posing after a few shots. I think he was trying to demonstrate how comfortable the shorts are. Or something…

IMG_4204I bought the fabric, a really soft cotton twill at Saeeds Fabrics in Walthamstow. The pattern is the Jedediah Shorts one from Thread Theory. I made a muslin which was a good thing, as I had to make quite a few changes, including lengthening them as per his specifications, and I also graded the sizes from the waist down quite a bit to make the legs wider. I think I graded them too early though as they are unnecessarily wide over the.. er.. arse area.


A real shame I took this long to make them – for some reason I thought that making a piece of clothing for someone else would be boring, but this was definitely not the case. I so enjoyed making the shorts, especially as I got to learn a few new techniques, including a zip fly, and bound seams (which noone will ever see, but still..).

I was really glad that Thread Theory did a sew-along for them, as the instructions and illustrations that came with the shorts were a bit too sparse for me. Their video of how to sew the fly seam was especially helpful!

Most importantly, Dan is happy with the shorts. Like me, he’s super tall, so being able to sew custom made things for him will really come in handy. I think next up will be be another pair of these, but in trouser form!

Do you know any good men’s patterns out there apart from Thread Theory’s?

Pattern summary:

  • Pattern: Jedediah shorts/trousers from Thread Theory – £10
  • Fabric: 2m cotton twill – £14 (I used some leftover chambray for the front pockets)
  • Notions (zipper, lot’s of bias binding etc): £7

Total: £31


4 thoughts on “Shorts for the boy

  1. Lucky Dan, those are great shorts! I’ve been looking around for some good menswear patterns lately but haven’t really come across any other than Thread Theory for good, modern menswear. Not sure if any of these would be Dan’s scene, but Burda have a range of menswear patterns that look a bit more modern and youthful than the other big companies (Vogue’s seem to be more focused on formal and sleep wear):

    • Ace – will check them out! Might make him Thread Theory’s t-shirt next – in a nice warm knit fabric for winter. Have you made much men’s wear?

      • I haven’t made any! I’ve been trying to find a good shirt pattern that my husband would wear, but he’s actually a lot more particular about his clothes than I am so the quest continues :) (I have been seriously considering making one of Thread Theory’s cardigans for myself though – it looks so cosy!) A warm knit tee sounds great for winter and for your new location :)

  2. What a lucky guy! Great shorts, I especially like the top stitching detail on the pockets. I’m currently getting to grips with my first zip fly, will be very happy when I’m comfortable with that technique and can whip up a few long trousers myself.

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