The problem with flowers

You can, surprisingly enough, have too many.

Flower Archer 1I bought this fabric on Goldhawk road a while ago. It had flowers, was pink (I’ve come to realise to my horror that this might be my favourite colour) i.e. what wasn’t to like? But when it came to making something, I was torn. I finally decided to make another Archer in an attempt to concur the über feminine fabric by making something masculine and practical. I’m not sure if it worked however.

Flower Archer 4

I’ve tried styling it in a few different ways to make it less OTT – what do you think works?

Flower ArcherPull-over casual? (above)

Flower Archer 3Slightly awkward button-up indie? (above)

Flower Archer 2Winter knitted look? Minus the depressed look on my face (above)

What do you think? Also, I haven’t added any pockets yet – yay or nay to these?

Finally – I want to point out that these photo’s are very heavily cropped. What’s not visible thanks to Photoshop are boxes. Dozens of boxes. The flat is complete chaos as we attempt to pack up 10 years of London life for our move to Denmark next week.

Tomorrow we’re off to Wales for a few days of well-deserved holiday (it looks like it’s going to rain pretty much the whole time so I need book recommendations!), which means that I won’t be sewing again until we are in Dane-land. My beloved Janome is now boxed up, along with everything else sewing related. I feel  little bit lost if I’m honest.

I’ll be posting some photo’s of Dan’s Jedediah shorts next week before we move. I just need to convince him/nail him to a wall to let me take photo’s. Wish me luck!

Project summary:

  • Pattern: Grainline’s Archer shirt pattern – in my stash
  • Main fabric: £4/m from Goldhawk road – £8
  • Buttons, thread etc: £3

Total: £11


23 thoughts on “The problem with flowers

  1. I really don’t think you have to style it down at all. What I saw when I looked at the very first pic, was just a super cool and beautiful button-up. Nothing bad at all…

  2. I think this looks a lovely shirt on its own, although I really like the pull-over styling. Hope the move goes smoothly and it is not too long before you are sewing again

  3. I like your first photo styling the best.
    A super cool floral Archer – you just need to rock it with jeans, brogues and the confidence that comes with making your own awesome shirt!
    Good luck with the move to Denmark. Looking forward to some fun Danish inspired posts x

  4. I like it best with the cropped pullover, but it also looks good in the 1st photo. The fabric looks a bit “liberty print”. If it was me I would put the pockets on and if this was hanging in MY wardrobe I would be very happy indeed.

  5. I love it just as it is, and I plan on making a Liberty-esque floral Archer this winter! When I first read pockets though I did think chambray…could work?

  6. I agree with all the other comments – it looks great in the first photo! Good luck with your move & I hope you get a nice sewing space in your new home.

  7. You know, I think it looks fantastic just as it is (queue Bridget Jones chorus). I like florals, and for the most part, the best way to style them is to keep it simple: jeans, maybe a blazer, but much more than that tends to look fussy.

    Good luck with the move!

  8. Hi there, I love your shirt and the fabric is fab! I really prefer it with the black jumper as I particularly love pink and black together, but that’s my personal preference and it looks great on you whichever way you wear it! I agree with Angela that a blazer would be great and jeans and I don’t believe there’s such a thing as too many flowers! Good luck with the move and don’t forget to hold your head up high and be proud of your awesome shirt! :o)

      • I’m glad as it really is fab! :) I haven’t sewed much for myself, but am heading in that direction if I can juggle some time in between all my projects…

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