Pledge time – making it official

DSC01630 My boyfriend gave me my first sewing machine in November last year. It feels like eons ago, partly because I’ve already upgraded to a new machine, but mainly because my sewing skills have improved so much since then. I started out sewing a lot of basic Christmas gifts (oven mitts, aprons..), and eventually moved on to making clothes when I felt I could actually sew a straight stitch, and follow sewing instructions. What had seemed like such a huge mystery, has since proceeded to unravel as I’ve gone from simple to more complicated projects (it’s so much easier than you think people!!). I quickly became familiar with the MANY brilliant sewing blogs out there, whom collectively taught me how to sew (yes, I pray at the altar of infinite wisdom that is the internet). And in January this year I came across the Seamless Pledge on Elena Cresci’s blog and really, really liked the idea of it, but was too scared to take the plunge. One, I thought my addiction to cheap high street fashion would win out. Second, the thought that I’d actually be able to make all my own clothes was frankly absurd. The pledge stayed with me though, and somehow I’ve managed to go from January to August, WITHOUT BUYING A SINGLE PIECE OF CLOTHING. This excludes shoes, tights and socks I should add. In this period, I’ve:

  • made 26 pieces of clothing
  • upcycled 2 garments, and turned a few old t-shirts into underwear
  • made a few interior projects like cushions, make-up bags etc

Ironically, I have probably made more clothes than I would have purchased in that period. And although I think the average cost per garment made is without a doubt cheaper than RTW clothes, I doubt I’ve saved much money doing it. Sewing is an expensive hobby, especially if you start experimenting with different tools and methods. BUT I’ve learnt a valuable skill (and am still learning), and I’ve gained a huge creative outlet. I’ve also previously written about why sewing is great from a  body image perspective. And finally, avoiding buying clothes from the high street is for me a statement that I do not support what’s often referred to as ‘fast fashion‘. Anyhoodle – get to the point please… I am finally ready to take the pledge:

I, Ingrid Weimers, am taking the Seamless Pledge until the 10th of August 2015. I pledge not to buy any RTW clothes, and will endeavour to make everything I wear, or buy clothes from charity shops etc. Exceptions to the rule include shoes and underwear – although I pledge to keep this at a minimum.

There. Done it. Shit.. Anyone who hasn’t taken the pledge already and fancy joining me?


18 thoughts on “Pledge time – making it official

  1. This is so exciting! I really try to limit the RTW I buy, but I will have to learn some basics (like T-shirts) before I feel qualified/ready to take a similar pledge. It’s definitely a goal, though! I can’t wait to get your perspective on the challenge.

    • I’ll keep you guys up-to date re how it’s going, definitely! I needed to wait a while as well, whilst getting my skills honed :) Wish I could knit as well as you – then I’d have socks covered as well!

  2. Well done on achieving your aim Ingrid. Its a very noble pledge!
    I am currently participating in the Summer Stash Bust until Sept 21st – I think this would be something to consider for my next challenge…. maybe in the new year…. ; )

    • Cool! That’s a really great idea as well. I guess we can be just as wasteful and make as many impulse purchases with fabric as with clothes

  3. Love this pledge, good on ya. Even though I mostly wear at least 1 handmade item everyday ( especially since MMMay) and have bought very few items RTW over the last year, it’s still a big leap to commit!!!
    Love a challenge though so you’ve given me food for thought. Good luck

  4. Good for you, lady! I pretty much do this already, but tend to rebel anytime I give myself an ultimatum haha! I try to only buy ethically made or sourced RTW, which is working quite well for me!

    • I love that you rebel against yourself! :) Fingers crossed I don’t! Buying ethically made clothes is great – I guess I should really apply the same to fabric, but cheap fabric is too much of a temptation…

  5. Wow, you’ve already made so many pieces of clothing, that’s so impressive! Love your pledge and I am looking forward to seeing your creations :)

    • Thanks Kristina :) Btw, loved to see your bear encounter pics! You must have been like a kid in a sweet shop in those surroundings (with your camera I mean).

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