Totally Sew Bossy

I’m sure you all follow one or a few bloggers whom you really like. As in, you would love go for a pint or three with them, get merry and put the world to rights. Carrie over at Oh She Dabbles, is definitely one of those people. It’s just a little bit of a shame that she’s in Salem, MA and I’m in London. So for this very reason, I was so chuffed when she emailed me to suggest we do a Sew Bossy swap.


Sew bossy is an initiative started by Heather Lou over at Closet Case Files, to encourage us to make some sewing friends and also make a piece of clothing with fabric and notions someone else has chosen for us. Scary, but liberating is my conclusion.

A while after our email exchange (obviously I said yes), I got a very exciting package in the post. Carrie chose Victory Patterns Hazel dress for my project, and also included a few goodies from her Crafty Foxes sewing club, like this little sewing gauge (I am calling it a sewing George from now on FYI).

In terms of fabric, she really spoiled me. For the bodice she got one of April Rhodes beatiful Arizona fabrics, and for the skirt a lovely blue cotton chambray. She also added some white cotton fabric to line the skirt with.

I really enjoyed making this dress, and working with good quality fabrics. I couldn’t resist however, to make a few changes to the pattern (don’t worry, I got sign-off from my Sew Bossy partner first).

There were some fit-related changes: Lengthening the bodice by 1″, a wide shoulder adjustment for front and back bodice pieces and an SBA of about 2 cm.

But, I also went a bit rouge and decided to remove the bow once I’d finished the whole thing.  As much as I love the design, the bow just ended up a little bit on the stiff side, and made me feel a little bit too much like a librarian. I also shortened the sleeve and made the cuff a lot shorter than the pattern. Here’s the result.




My biggest mistake was using interfacing that was way too heavy for the front and back facing pieces. You can see the result in the above photo – the neckline refuses to lie flat giving me something akin to body builder shoulders. Definitely learned my lesson there, and will take much more care when choosing interfacing in the future.

So what’s my conclusion of this whole Sew Bossy venture? Really bloody good fun. A BIG thanks to Carrie for starting the whole thing, and for sending me such a well though out package. It’s a brilliant pattern to have in my stash (I’m really keen to try it with a silk fabric or similar) and the fabrics were a joy to work with.

It also really serves Heather Lou’s purpose – connecting sewers with each other. I was pretty giddy when I got a package all the way from the US – the sewing community truly is global.

Now, I’m pretty sure she’ll still be sleeping when I post this, but in a while, I know she’ll be telling you about her experience of our little swap. Keep an eye out on her blog!


18 thoughts on “Totally Sew Bossy

  1. Lucky you! My fear would always be that I wouldn’t like my package, but you have totally won here. I love the mix of fabrics and the colours really suit you.

  2. Yay!! This looks so great on you! Love the color with your coloring :) I hear you about the neckline. What if you hacked off the facing, made it a v-neck, and finished the edges with bias tape?


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  4. I love this dress on you! Those fabrics are gorgeous together, and I bet you’ll wear this a ton as the weather gets cooler. I’m looking forward to seeing what you sent her!

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