Sequins – a festival requirement

I sing in the kick-ass women’s only pop choir Lips. This summer we have two pretty monumental gigs coming up, Camp Bestival and Bestival – two pretty big festivals in the UK. Sadly I will miss be bigger of the two, Bestival, as I will be living in Denmark then (major sad face). But two weeks from now we’ll be rocking it out at Camp Bestival. Can’t. Bloody. Wait.

So.. the outfit.


In terms of dress code generally it’s all about conveying a sense of PARTY on stage. For Camp Bestival I decided to go down the sequins route. Obviously I had to make my own outfit, so when I was visiting Goldhawk road the other week, I picked up some cream sequin fabric. Seeing that sequins fabric is quite pricey compared to what I normally spend (this was £10/m), I only got 1.5m, hoping it would be enough.

I first considered making a skirt or a jacket, but ended up settling on one of my favourite patterns, the Wiksten tank dress  (as demonstrated here and here). It’s such a tempting make as it only takes a few hours to put together, and I think the casual look screams comfortable and festival.

I had to cheat slightly when making the neck and armhole binding due to lack of fabric. Rather than cutting it on the bias, I cut it along the grainline. I think it will be fine through, as it’s such an odd fabric that consists of a woven shiny lining, with a kind of net sequin overlay. I.e. it doesn’t really behave like normal woven fabric.


I’ve said it before, but one of the things I love about this pattern are the french seams. I now use this method on most of the clothes I make.


As usual, I made a size M without any adjustments other than adding an extra 1-1.5″ to the length.

Here are a few more photo’s of the finished item. Am rushing to finish this so that I can head to the park (the sun is shining on us on London!) so I spent literally no time on styling these photo’s (i.e. bad hair).



If you’re heading to either Bestival or Camp Bestival this year I can really recommend checking us out!

Project summary:

  • Pattern: Wiksten tank top – already in my pattern stash
  • Fabric: £10/m from a shop in Goldhawk road – £15
  • Thread etc – £1

Total: £16


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