Pixel Tap shorts

Tap shorts front 2Greeting’s sewers. Now if you were ever in doubt – Katy and Laney’s new Tap Shorts pattern is brilliant, and a must sew. Not usually a big fan of short shorts, I bit the bullet and I don’t regret a thing.

How easy were they to make you ask? I’m pretty sure I would have whipped them up in about 3-4 hours had I not decided to make them late at night when I was super tired, and therefore mucking up the side zipper. Three times.. Long live whoever invented the seam ripper, that’s all I’ve got to say. For my first pair, I decided to go with the deep pleats on the front, and forego the welt pockets.

And how about sizing? Great. Having a relatively generous booty, I was a bit hesitant as to which size I would make. Having learned the brilliancy of making a muslin when I made my midsummer Flora, I quickly mocked up a size 10, which proved way too big. So I ended up going for a straight size 8, no alterations made.

It’s actually only now, when I look at these photo’s, that I realise I should probably have graded the size around the hips to a size 10 – as the front pleat is pulling a little bit. BUT nothing a bit of clever pressing can’t solve!

Tap shorts backI think they really nailed it with the high waist. As I’ve got quite short legs in relation to my upper body, I find the look balances things out a bit.

Tap shorts sideI really love this fabric and the pixel inspired print – a  find at Walthamstow market (£3/m) at the much loved stall outside Sainsbury’s. I’m starting to think there is little point in buying any fabric elsewhere. It’s a really odd material which stupidly forgot to ask what it was. Definitely not made of natural fibres, as it doesn’t wrinkle at all. It frays like a bugger, so I decided to french seam it throughout. Looks so much nicer as well! I also used bias binding for the hem – definitely my favourite method as it’s another opportunity to add a bit of colour. Finally – I decided to hand stitch the waistband, which is a first for me. Really pleased with the neat results – will definitely stick to this method going forward.

Tap shorts details 2

The best thing about this project was how much I learned doing it. You can tell that Katy and Laney have really thought through the instructions carefully, and they not only explain what to do, but also why. Which is excellent when you’re a relative beginner.

If you haven’t started yours yet, don’t miss their sewalong that has just started!

Project summary:

  • Pattern: Katy and Laney’s Tap Shorts pattern – £7.50
  • Main fabric: £3/m from Walthamstow market – £4.5
  • Bias binding for the hem – 50p
  • Thread and zipper – £3.50

Total: £16

Time: About 5-6 hours

17 thoughts on “Pixel Tap shorts

  1. YES!!! I love that choice of fabric. the black and the pop of color look fantastic. I dont think the pulling is too bad on the dart. Really want to try the welt pockets but im so lazy

  2. These shorts make your legs look super-long.
    Well done on this make and I love your choice of patterned print. Such a bold and summery style – perfect for this lovely weather…. ooops I hope I haven’t jinxed things – you know how unpredictable the English summer is!

  3. These are lovely – my favourite of this pattern I’ve seen made up yet! I love that fabric & the high waist really appeals to me too.

  4. These are on my to-sew list, too! I love how yours look in that great fabric and your beautiful finishes. And thanks for the heads-up for those of us with generous booties – I think I’ll follow your suggestion to grade up through the hips.

  5. I love these shorts, they are super cute! I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award. Have a look on my blog to find out more. Congratulations!

    • Hi Becky. Sorry for the late reply.. I recently did a similar blog post after being nominated for the Liebster Awards, so I hope you don’t mind if I wait for a bit before I take you up on the challenge! It’s def on my list

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