A big week + a Liebster Award nomination

The past week has without a doubt seen a few life altering decisions being made. What is it you call them? Ah yes, milestones!

For the past few months, Dan and I have been walking around with our lives on hold, waiting… I applied to do a MA in social entrepreneurship at Roskilde University (Denmark) back in March, and I finally got my acceptance letter this week. So happy! And not only this, but Dan’s lovely bosses subsequently agreed to let him work remotely from Copenhagen, which is such a relief for us. So, mid August, we’re packing our stuff and leaving London for a life in the little Kingdom of Denmark. We have quite a few friends in Copenhagen, and absolutely love it there – so we couldn’t be happier. I’ve been in London for 10 years now, and feel it’s time to move on.

So, a lot of time has been taken up by planning, and then some more planning. I did however manage to do some work on the bodice of my lovely Flora dress.

Flora dress bodice

I’ve had quite a few issues with it, but I’ll bore you with that when I’ve actually managed to finish the thing.

Now, what’s also really exciting is that Nicoline over at the Reckless Needle, has nominated me for the Liebster Award! Now I know that this award is the subject of some contention in the blogging world, but as I’ve never been nominated for anything before, I am embracing this with a vengeance.

Liebster AwardWithout further ado, here is my little Q&A:

1. What is your all-time favourite pattern?

I think I’m going to have to say the Archer shirt by Grainline studio. It’s without a doubt my most satisfying make so far. When I had conquered my first one (and even managed to pattern match it) I realised that sewing was actually something I could get quite good at.

2. What is your day job – is it something creative?

I am a project coordinator and studio manager for the social impact consultancy Uscreates (although not for long). Four years working with graphic and social designers has without a doubt rubbed off on me. But my background is in History and Anthropology, which might not be considered quite so creative. I write a bit more about the topic of creativity here.

3. Where do you look for inspiration for what to make?

Anywhere and everywhere. I really love the Indie Pattern community that I’ve discovered through blogs and Instagram, so I guess this in my main inspiration at the moment.

4. Where did you learn to sew?

Originally I learnt at school when I was about 13-14. But I wasn’t inspired to pursue it until last year when I randomly asked my boyfriend to get me a sewing machine for Christmas. A few things had stuck from school, but I’ve taught myself more or less everything I can currently do using that wonderful resource which is the internet.

5. What frustrates you most about sewing?

The tiiiiime it takes. Trying to sew more and more complex patterns alongside a full time job is a challenge, for sure.

6. What do you love most about sewing?

Being able to wear something that I have made is an amazing feeling. And being complimented for a piece of clothing I’ve made.

7. What is the garment you have made that you are most proud of?

My reindeer archer. I love the embroidery on the back.

8. Would you like to make a living from sewing or are you happy just having it as a hobby?

If I could spend all day just sewing, I wouldn’t object at all. But I don’t think I am anywhere near the stage that I can do that (I’m not that good). I’m also just about to start my masters, and I’m really keen to see where this will take my career. But I would lie if I said I hadn’t thought of maybe making a few pieces to sell on Etsy…

9. What do you like / dislike about blogging?

I love the people I’ve ‘met’ doing this. I only started blogging back in March, so it’s been a bit of a whirlwind. I really enjoyed the sewing meet-up that Rachel at House of Pinheiro organised a while ago.

10. Which is your favourite blog?

Do I have to chose one? I love House of Pinheiro for her colourful style and love for the sewing community.. Heather over at Closet Case Files is cool and clever as hell.. Jen at Grainline studio is so passionate about her profession… And Liz over at Cotton & Curls inspires me to go a bit wild and crazy without patterns. I could go on.

11. Tell us something surprising about yourself!

I am a huge Bruce Springsteen fan. Not to the extent that I travel the world to see him – I’ve seen him twice in London – but he tugs at my heartstring in a way few or no other artists do. A true musician. Check this out and hopefully you’ll see what I mean.

And here are my nominations (i.e. people I’m curious about!):

Don’t feel obliged to take part guys! 

And my questions:

  1. Why do you sew?
  2. Is making your full-time job, and if not, what is?
  3. What is your favourite me-made project so far (sewing or otherwise)?
  4. Who taught you to sew/knit/photograph (whichever applies)?
  5. If you could chose 3 things to bring to a lifelong holiday on a Caribbean island, what would it be?
  6. Do you make things for friends and family, and why?
  7. What’s your favourite online ‘making resource’?
  8. Why did you start blogging?
  9. Do you have a favourite pattern?
  10. A random fact about yourself


12 thoughts on “A big week + a Liebster Award nomination

  1. Thanks so much for your nomination!! :) It’s really interesting to read your answers about your approach to sewing. Also, that’s very exciting news about your big move! Best of luck with your course! :) We’re actually preparing to leave Dublin for Shanghai after just over a decade here – sometimes you just need a change!

      • We’re not sure yet but think we’ll probably be there for 3-4 years before coming back to Europe. Exciting changes ahead! :) When does your course start, September?

      • Yes, start September 1st. It’s really soon when you think of it… We’re hoping to try to squeeze in a week in the sun before. Fingers crossed. When are you guys off? I bet you are going to be able to get your hands on some wonderful fabrics over there….

    • WOW – that is fun news Sue. You will get lots of new inspiration for sewing in Shanghai! Hope you have a lovely time – we can keep in touch via your blog. You will have so many fun things to post about!

  2. First of all your Flora is looking super – such a lovely choice of print.
    Exciting news Alex. How cool to get a chance to study in Denmark. I have friends who live near Airhus (think that is how you spell it) and we visited them about 5 years ago. I really loved it there.
    You are going to have such a fun adventure. I am looking forward to all the blog posts about your new surroundings and your perspective on things.
    Well done on your Liebster award too!

  3. Congratulations on your Masters acceptance! What an exciting move/change.
    The fabric for your Flora dress is lovely, looks like a tough one to fit but hopefully you are on the home straight now.
    And well done on the nomination too, you have a great blog, very impressive what you’ve been able to make in just a few months.

    • Thanks Alex! I’ve made another toile, so am hopefully getting there. And re the blog – WordPress has so many wonderful templates, it really makes the job easy. Really like your blog too! Glad to met the other week

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