Missoni fabric wallets

Long time no see bloggers. I’ve been pretty hectic recently with work, traversing the north of England by train and filming frontline NHS staff for a really exciting project we are doing with NHS England.

A quick word here about the British National Health Service. I cannot praise it enough. Over the past few weeks I have met men and women (midwives, physiotherapists, dentists, nurses and more) who see their jobs almost as a calling. They are so incredibly passionate about the jobs they do, and dedicate their entire careers to looking after patients in stressful and (more often than not) budget tight settings. I know many people have plenty of negative things to say about the NHS from a service user point of view – but I cannot help but think how fortunate we are, from an international perspective, to have this gigantic infrastructure of caring individuals looking after us. For free. Incredible. Also, if you do have negative things to say – they want to hear about it. Read more here.

Rant over.

As much as I do love my job, it has severely eaten into my sewing time over the past few weeks. I have however managed to make a couple of small purses, that I thought I’d share with you tonight.

My lovely friend Caroline gave me a huge batch of sample interior fabrics that she’d amassed while working for Missoni Home. I know right – it’s like the best present ever. I mean look at these colours!

Missoni fabrics

I was dying to make something with it, and found this tutorial on Sew Bon for a really cute leather scallop zipper clutch. I have been in desperate need of a new wallet for a while, my old one being a faux leather coin purse from H&M that had been dying a slow death for some time. Not being very keen on big clunky wallets with a gazillion pockets, I decided to make one as a smaller version of the zip clutch.

I have a small stash of ‘bargain basket’ leather pieces that I picked up in Copenhagen a few months ago and have been tooing and froing over what to use it for. I got the just the inspiration I needed in this tutorial.

Apart from reducing the size to 7″ by 5″, I made some further adjustments to Erin’s original tutorial. I scrapped the scalloped shape of the leather in favor of one that suited my chosen Missoni fabric better. I also added a bit of sparkle in the shape of a silver ribbon I picked up at Walthamstow market a few weeks ago.

And here are the results.

Here is a close up showing some details. I didn’t quite think through using the slightly delicate ribbon, as I have a feeling it will start fraying quite quickly. Might reinforce it with some glue in places.

Wallet detail


I used bits of leather for the zipper tabs in my first version, but ended up scrapping this all-together as it ended up too bulky when sewing.

Wallets zipsDo you have any favourite mini projects that you like to squeeze in during weeks when work rules your life?

13 thoughts on “Missoni fabric wallets

  1. Massively jealous about those samples! Great little project that turned out really well! I am a bit of a scrap quilt obsessive. I make scrap patch works far too often and don’t even have a use for them really. It’s just too sad sometimes to throw bits in the bin!

    • I’ve never tried doing any kind of quilting, but the thought definitely popped into my mind when I got these samples! Any tips for good (beginner) designs would be very welcome :)

  2. Wow I am soooo jealous of your Missoni stash. They are beautiful!
    What a great little project for using up stash fabric and would make lovely little birthday gifts or stoking fillers for Christmas (I know its a long time away but when you are making presents its a good idea to start early). I haven’t blogged about them (which I ought to do) but tote bags are always a great little craft project or patchwork cushions.

    • Thanks Caroline! Am feeling the pressure mounting to do something amazing with every single bit of fabric.. Stocking fillers are a great idea :)

  3. Love your wallets. Very beautifull. I just found your blog – and will look forward for your next make:)
    I can see you are moving to Denmark. Let me know if you need any advice about where to buy fabric etc. – I could do a ph.d. on that topic:)
    If you like to see my sewing you can check it out here: sewbluedresses.blogspot.dk

    • Tak Mette! And yes, I will need loads of advise on where to find fabric bargains in Copenhagen…. Have only just figured out that fabric is ‘stof’ btw :) Is there as much of a flourishing sewing community in Denmark as in the UK?

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