Missoni fabric wallets

Long time no see bloggers. I’ve been pretty hectic recently with work, traversing the north of England by train and filming frontline NHS staff for a really exciting project we are doing with NHS England.

A quick word here about the British National Health Service. I cannot praise it enough. Over the past few weeks I have met men and women (midwives, physiotherapists, dentists, nurses and more) who see their jobs almost as a calling. They are so incredibly passionate about the jobs they do, and dedicate their entire careers to looking after patients in stressful and (more often than not) budget tight settings. I know many people have plenty of negative things to say about the NHS from a service user point of view – but I cannot help but think how fortunate we are, from an international perspective, to have this gigantic infrastructure of caring individuals looking after us. For free. Incredible. Also, if you do have negative things to say – they want to hear about it. Read more here.

Rant over.

As much as I do love my job, it has severely eaten into my sewing time over the past few weeks. I have however managed to make a couple of small purses, that I thought I’d share with you tonight.

My lovely friend Caroline gave me a huge batch of sample interior fabrics that she’d amassed while working for Missoni Home. I know right – it’s like the best present ever. I mean look at these colours!

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