Moneta the second

I just couldn’t help myself.


I got this LOVELY (and dirt cheap) striped stretch cotton blend off Ebay – definitely a winner. It’s really light an airy and drapes really well. The Moneta pattern was a joy to work with the first time, and even more so the second time. I made this dress in one evening, fiddly pattern matching and everything. I decided on short sleeves, inspired by the amazing heat wave we’ve had in London recently. Again no collar – think I’m drawn to simple styles.

I have a strong feeling that this dress will be my go to summer dress. It’s incredibly comfortable, and pretty flattering too.


These photo’s were taken outside Canterbury Cathedral. I have my dad and step mum visiting and me and the boy decided to show them something outside of London for once. Unfortunately we didn’t time things very well and so didn’t actually get to see the inside of it. Which is really annoying when you’re in Canterbury.

We did however go on a lovely boat tour on the canal – it came with a posh history graduate tour guide and everything. I can really recommend it.

DSC01359I leave you with this photo taken from our boat tour. Stunning, isn’t it?


Project summary:

  • Pattern: Moneta pattern (already in my stash)
  • Fabric: A bargain £3.80/m fabric from Ebay. I got three metres and have plenty left (£11.40)

Total cost of project: Approx £14 (including sewing thread, needle etc)

15 thoughts on “Moneta the second

  1. I love the colour and drape of your striped fabric. It looks like it is soft with a bit of structure too. Glad you enjoyed the great weather this weekend ; ) Caroline (CJ Made)

  2. Hi Ingrid, great dress! And wonderful colour for summer. Was lovely to meet you at the meet up on Saturday

  3. Hi Ingrid,
    I love your blog and your makes. This dress is fab – I am wondering if I can ‘hack’ the lady skater pattern to create something similar to the Moneta. They are so similar it seem silly to get another pattern. I think I saw you at the meet up on Saturday, but didn’t get a chance to say hello. It was a great day, but hard to get to talk to everyone!

    • Thank you Tamsin! I reckon you could quite easily hack it. Had a quick look at the Lady skater dress, and the main difference seems to be the neckline, and that you use elastic in the waistline for the Moneta, and more fabric for the skirt. It was such a nice meet-up – can’t believe how many of us there were! Just had a look at your blog – love your Anna dress! Really want to make one but am scared of making a fitted bodice…

  4. This is lovely, and I can definitely see it becoming a staple. I love how different your two Monetas look – it seems like a pattern that could easily be made again and again and still feel fresh.

    • Thank you! And I totally agree – it ticks a lot of boxes in that way. Super comfortable – and not too short which is good for us tall ladies..

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