Nettie 1When I started sewing, a bodysuit was probably farthest from my mind in terms of what I wanted to make. It never struck me what a great garment it is, until I saw Heather Lou’s pattern (total girl-crush on this cool lady btw). It really reminds me of my mum’s 90’s wardrobe – full of snap-crotch ‘bodies’, as she called them. I guess they were always a bit alluring – a proper ‘grown-up’ garment, to go underneath delicate silk blouses and snug, high-waisted trousers.

I was a bit daunted going fabric shopping for Nettie. Heather Lou’s very clear instructions, ‘It must be very stretchy 4-way stretch fabric!’ were ringing in my head, which is why I ended up with this ridiculously stretchy pink Acetate/Elasthane fabric. It’s very shiny and reminds me of children’s gym/ballet costumes. As gross as the fabric sounds, it is SO SNUG and soft against the skin. I have a feeling it will be a bit sweaty in the summer though.

It is also pretty see-through, which is why I didn’t take any pics of me wearing just the bodysuit (trust me, you would have gotten a whole lot more than you bargained for). It is also very clingy, and not very forgiving on yer lumps and bumps (totally sucking in my stomach in these photo’s – silly me).

Nettie 2I decided to add 2.5″ to the length of the front and back pieces, but I think 1-1.5 inches would have been enough due to my stretchy fabric choice. You can see in the photo below that the back especially has quite a bit of excess fabric. I was planning to make a snap crotch, but as the fabric is more than stretchy enough to get in without one, and I was a bit rushed, I decided to skip it.

Nettie 3

Am looking forward to wearing it with high waisted trousers and skirts!

Nettie 4The only thing I find tricky with this pattern is the fit on the shoulders – they constantly feel like they are about to slip off. I am pretty sure this is thanks to my insanely wide shoulders, in combination with a very slippery fabric. Does anyone have a tip for how I could adjust the pattern for my next version?

Because there are sure to be many….

Project summary:

  • Pattern: Nettie pattern (£7)
  • Fabric: A bargain £2/m fabric from Walthamstow market (£3)

Total cost of project: Approx £12 (including sewing thread, needle etc)


6 thoughts on “Nettie

  1. Hi love! The shoulders are slim because I love that wide neck opening (also, I have very narrow shoulders – the problems with being your own fit model?!) I would suggest just adding 1/2″-1″ to each shoulder seam (essentially moving the neckline curve over). I’m going to explain that in the sewalong since ladies with wider shoulders may have issues.

    I’m kind of digging the shimmer of this fabric – I’ve been tempted to make one in a gold or silver swimsuit fabric because SHINY IS PRETTY.

    • Ah yes – makes perfect sense, will give this a go next time. Love learning how to customise clothes for my shape :) Thanks for the tip! Will def check out the sew-along for more tips!

  2. Cool Nettie Ingrid. I love that color on you. It was great to meet yo on Saturday at the V&A and hope you bought some fun fabrics for your next sewing adventures.
    I am going to have another look at the Nettie pattern – it didn’t initially appeal to me because I’m not sure about the insanely figure-hugging nature of the design and unfortunately I wore these type of ‘bodies the first time around in the late 1980’s ; (
    I think if I find the right fabric the t-shirt version / dress version may be cool.

    • Thanks! :) And ditto! Never ended up going fabric shopping in the end. The sensible part of my brain told me ‘I have no money’ haha. Lovely day meeting so many sewing sista’s though.
      Def make the Nettie – the cut in the back is lurvly, so definitely make it as a dress if you’ve had enough of bodysuits in your wild youth!

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