Floral Moneta

This weekend has been, for the first time in a long time, not entirely dedicated to sewing. On Saturday we drove to Whitstable with some of my best friends and enjoyed an afternoon of oysters, fish and chips and getting burnt in the sun. Yesterday was a day of IKEA and DIY, after which I can say I have a sewing corner to be proud over (considering the small size of our flat…). We also went for a boogie at Ridley Road market bar – a slightly humid, tropical disco heaven with £5 Mojito’s, exotic birds and brown vinyl walls. As random as East London bars generally are. I can recommend checking it out.

I love bank holiday weekends.

But despite many distractions, I have managed to finish my first #SewingIndie month project: Collette Patterns Moneta dress.

Moneta 1

The fabric was a cheap Ebay find. I took a chance after falling in love with the slightly psychedelic floral pattern. It’s 100% polyester, which meant it was a bugger to pattern match. The fabric just refused to lie flat when I was cutting the pattern pieces, and I think it was luck more than anything else that made the floral pattern semi centered on the bodice. The skirt pieces are a different story – shirring the skirt using clear elastic also meant that the fabric was pulled off center even more. But, hopefully it isn’t too obvious.

It’s a nice and light fabric, and I think the dress will be comfortable to wear in the summer heat. I thought it would be see-through, but the crazy pattern takes care of that.

It being a beautiful day here in London (17 degrees!), I managed to convince the dude to help me take some embarrassing photo’s outside. It took a while – I am not a natural at posing. Especially not in public.

Moneta 2

I really enjoyed sewing this dress – it was super easy, and if I hadn’t had a polyester fabric to struggle with, I’m sure I would have finished the dress in one afternoon. I did end up taking some shortcuts, e.g. I didn’t bother zigzagging the seam allowances, and my twin needle annoyingly broke, so I’ve decided to skip hemming the neckline until I get a new one.
Moneta 3

I did make some slight alterations to the pattern. I lengthened the bodice 1.5″, and the skirt by 1″. I decided not to hem it to keep it at the length you see in the pictures, and next time I will add another 0.5″ for the hem. I also took the sleeves in a little bit after trying it on.

Project summary:

  • Pattern: Moneta Pattern (£8)
  • Fabric: A light polyster fabric from Ebay (£21)

Total cost of project: Approx £30 (including sewing thread, needle etc)

Total time spent: 5ish hours (not including prepping the PDF pattern)

And that’s that. I’ll leave you with this ‘smell the roses’ photo.



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