Indie = special

 I’m clearly on to something here: Since starting writing this blog post yesterday, ‘Sewing Indie Month’ has kicked off! 

The other day I realised that out of all the pieces of clothing I’ve made since I started sewing, about 95% of the patterns have come from indie pattern designers. I’ve got I don’t know how many patterns from Burdastyle, Simplicity etc bookmarked on my computer, but I’ve never gotten round to making them. And I’ll tell you why.

Sewing a piece of clothing that’s been designed by an independent pattern maker feels special. Having been part of the,’we the sewing’ community (see what I did there?) over the past few months has really rubbed off a sense of excitement about all the smaller pattern brands out there, and I kind of feel that I get to know the designers themselves through their patterns and their blogs, sew-alongs and so on. It’s personal. Observing the relationship that exists between indie pattern designers and sewers on social media is brilliant – I can only imagine how cool it must be to see other people come up with endless variations of your design.

Also – they are all so well made, beautifully packaged, and cater for a really wide ranging audience.

I thought I’d list the patterns on my sewing list for May (all in the spirit of Indie Pattern Month):

First up, Moneta:

I didn’t take much persuading for this one. Perfect for summer. Knit – which I love. Done. Sold. I’m choosing between the short and 3/4 length sleeved versions. No collar the first time around. The fabric I’ve chosen looks like this.



And second on the list – Nettie:

This is a pattern that was just released this week, and I have to say I didn’t know how much I needed a bodysuit before I saw this one. And the fact that it’s such a versatile pattern makes it a 10/10.


And some hipster panties:

This is my first foray into sewing underwear and I’m very excited. Ohh Lulu has so many lovely lingerie patterns, so it was hard to choose. I settled on this pattern in the end because of combination of stretch and woven fabric. I fancy a challenge I do! I also really relish the prospect of putting together a PDF pattern that’s only about 5 pages long..



And finally (if my budget allows), a Tova

After enjoying making the Wiksten tank top so much, I’m really keen to make the Tova dress.



And that’s probably more than I have time for! And who knows, I might even enter into a competition if I’m brave enough… (more about this on Tilly blog).  #SewingIndie

11 thoughts on “Indie = special

  1. I totally agree about feeling like you know the Indie designers! I love the look of Nettie and may plan in a swimsuit Nettie at some point during the summer!

    • Oooh a swimsuit version sounds like a great idea… Will keep an eye out for that one. I’m starting to wish I did this for a living so that I had more time!

  2. Great shortlist! :) The fabric you’ve earmarked for your Moneta is gorgeous. I have a red rib knit I’m going to try it with but I’m not sure if it’s really the right weight. The personal touch you mention is definitely a major draw for me to indie patterns – you know that if you get stuck or have a question, a tweet or email to the designer will be actually be answered. That, and the designs generally feel much more modern than with the big four patterns.

    • Thank you! A Red rib sounds great – you still planning to make the dress? I agree with you about indie patterns being more modern. And yes, sew-alongs and online tutorials have definitely saved me more than once. You coming to the sewing meet up later (hosted by House of Pinhero) in May btw?

      • I think it should be ok for the Moneta but I reckon I’ll need something a bit firmer for Nettie – and yep, I’m still planning on making the dress version! Sadly, no, I’m not going to be at the meet up :( I was planning to but something I had already committed to was confirmed in the meantime for the same day. I will definitely be in London in mid-June though – would be great to meet some sewers while I’m over! :)

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  5. i came over from the pattern workshop facebook group and really like your site. got it bookmarked to see what you come up in the future!

    • Thanks Annika – that is a lovely comment :) Am really enjoying Lauren’s course. Even thought I feel like I’m so much more junior than everyone else. What does Näh Connection mean btw?

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