Wiksten tank top

Quick summary: I love this pattern.


I had heard a lot of good things about it in the sewing blogosphere, and was really keen to try it out. I also really admire Jenny Gordy’s work and her effortless and simple  style. I think she does Scandi better than most Swedes.

My mum gave me this fabric when I was home a few weeks ago – I think it has been an old table cloth. I thought it would partner very well with the Wiksten.

The main reason I liked sewing this top was the finish. It’s the first time I’ve used french seams on a piece of clothing, and it just makes it look so much more professional. The day after I finished the top, Jen over at Grainline studio wrote a blog post on how to calculate french seams (timing!) on any project. I will definitely use this going forward, instead of finishing my seam allowances with a zigzag stitch. Oh if only one had a serger… (birthdaypresenthinttoboyfriend).

I lengthened the pattern 1 inch in the waist, which is always a good idea for tall me. Hemming curved edges still drive me mad, and this is the only part of the top I’m not very happy with. If anyone has a magic tip for how to sew curved hems without ending up with… really crappy ones, please share! 


I also really like the way it’s cut in the back. I have very broad shoulders, but the top (I cut a size M) isn’t tight at all, which is quite rare for me.

DSC01188I almost think I matched the pattern a little too well – you can barely see the pocket! (pardon the chest shot)


If you have a bit of fabric left over, I can highly recommend sewing up this little gem. It took me about 3 hours all-in all – a very satisfying afternoon project.

11 thoughts on “Wiksten tank top

  1. I always hem curved hems with bias tape. It’s practically foolproof! It might not always be the most P.C. way to do it, but it seriously drives me crazy trying to get them hemmed nicely.

    I also hear that if you make a line of stitching at the first fold (like if you’re going to press 1/2″ and then press 1/2″ again) it helps. Something about how sewing it stretches the fabric ever so slightly?

    • Thank you!! Makes perfect sense. Will do this next time. It’s so infuriating when you’ve got a perfectly finished piece of clothing only to muck up the hem…

  2. Ooh old tablecloth alert! I love it! I’ve just made a simple tee from the GBSB S2 book which I really like but I did the bias finish on the neck and it sits a bit forward right at the front… So novice me is wondering if a facing would improve it but hey! There’s time to experiment & learn, right?! Glad to have found your blog ☺

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