Tutorial: Hand embroidery on clothes

What better thing to do on this part rainy, part sunny Saturday than to put together my first tutorial. Now, I am not in any way an expert in what I’m about to show you. But, I have tried and tested these methods, and am happy with the results.

I am very fussy about any kind of prints and embellishment on clothes that I wear. I don’t like when it’s OTT or when it’s too ‘cute’. On the other hand, I really like flowery patterns, so perhaps some people will think that’s an odd statement! Even though I’ve lived in the UK for almost 10 years, I definitely think that famous Scandinavian style, is firmly rooted in my sense of… er.. style. You know, clean lines, neutral colours, functional clothing…

Therefore, I find embroidery on clothes tricky. I’ve seen some beautiful examples out there, but also quite a few that looks quite ‘old’. But this is completely a matter of opinion. As we say in the motherland, tastes are like the arse, divided. Continue reading