So I thought I’d embrace the term ‘upcycling’.

Project: Mum’s old ‘I was funky in the 90s’, really comfortable silk shirt, that I could tell had the potential of becoming something an indie dude/dudette (note: it’s all unisex these days – which I am all for) in Shoreditch would wear. I happen to live in Islington, but who cares?

I mean, doesn’t this thing have potential?


Armed with a rotary cutter and a fabric pen (I love these incredibly water soluble ones from Prym), I went to work. I really fancied a simple project, so I decided to be a rebel about it and only took some rough measurements whilst wearing the shirt, before I cut off the sleeves and the collar. I guess I didn’t feel as precious about the fabric, since I didn’t spend money on it. Sad but true.


The sleeves I sliced into strips to make bias tape for the neckline and armholes. Again, making your own bias tape using silk is not fun (which I learnt making my Sorbetto silk top), but with some perseverance and a lot of steam, you’ll manage. There was a lot less swearing this time since I knew what I was getting myself into.


I applied it using Grainline Studio’s really useful tutorial on how to make a flat bias binding. I almost managed the flat bit. Again, I blame the silk..

The end product is pretty good! I had a bit of a rotary cutter accident, meaning one strap is slightly narrower than the other. But hey ho – this project wasn’t about perfection. I’m glad I cold give this forgotten piece of clothing a new lease of life!


I started this project last week before Dan and I headed off to Shropshire for a mini Easter holiday. We have had such an amazing time driving around the Brecon Beacons, going for walks, BBQing meat from the local butcher, drinking scrumpy cider…  London is a brilliant city to live in, but the English countryside beats it hands down. I will leave you with this thought, and a picture of  cute stuff. I’ll stop gloating now.



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