By Hand London’s Polly top

Some headless photo’s of me wearing my latest creation. Simple reason for not showing my face – I got home from work and realised I had black whiteboard marker all over it. Love Mondays.

The Polly top is a free pattern from the very sassy ladies over at By Hand London. Am still plucking up the courage  to make one of their Anna dresses.  Fell a little bit in love with it after I saw Sallieoh’s.

This is a much more simple affair. You get some practise in sewing rounded corners, and experience combining two different types of fabric (if you so choose). The pink fabric is a rather thin and soft cotton which was a bit tricky to sew with. I ended up reinforcing the shoulder seam with a strip of fabric so that it won’t loose shape or rip over time. Was tempted to use slightly sturdier bias tape for the neckline as well, but decided against it for the very reason that I didn’t have any.

I’m a bit of a pessimist when it comes to my measurements, so I made a UK size 14, when I easily could have made a size 12, so I had to take in the sides a bit. Although I guess it would have been worse if I made it too small.

Am pretty happy with the result! Think it will look nice with my Madeleine skirt.





Next up is another Grainline Archer. I made one quite a while ago, but unfortunately I don’t have any photo’s of it yet. Definitely my biggest achievement so far! Am planning to make a white cotton one, and potentially experiment a bit with embroidery. It has the potential of looking pretty awful, so there will be quite a bit of practising beforehand…

By the way, a stack of books, the tiniest tripod you’ll have ever seen and some very basic Photoshoping means no more bathroom selfies for you…


10 thoughts on “By Hand London’s Polly top

  1. Love this! The two fabrics you’ve chosen contrast really well together if that makes sense! Also I do the same with estimating sizing – id much rather make something too big and take it in that be stuck in something tight and uncomfortable..

  2. Sweet top! The dots and stripes work great together! I haven’t tried any BHL patterns yet but love their Anna and the new Flora – they’re on the ever-growing wishlist! Am looking forward to seeing your Archer. I’ve never made one but I’d like to wear shirts more often, especially casual ones, and have been eyeing up that pattern too! :)

    • Thanks Sue! They definitely know how to draft a pattern over there. The Archer is really fun to make – pretty technical with the collar (esp for a beginner), but so satisfying when the last button is in :) I have an ever growing sewing wish list as well. Evenings and weekends just isn’t enough time…

  3. Just stumbled across your blog whilst googling the Polly Top. I sewed it together over Easter, then unpicked it and it is sitting waiting for my attention now. How did you manage such smooth stitching around the curves when joining the two fabrics together? I get so many creases and the top looks all out of shape. Any suggestions gratefully received!

    • Hmm.. It was quite fiddly joining the two pattern pieces. I remember using a lot of pins, and the iron to press it a lot once I’d sewn it. I also have speed control on my sewing machine which helps control the fabric as I’m sewing. What fabrics are you using? Using two very different fabrics (e.g. cotton and silk) could be tricky if they behave very differently.

      It also suggests in the pattern to try to sew from the middle of the curve, down each side if it’s tricky.

      Finally – my seam isn’t perfect. There are a few bumps – you just can’t see it in the photo! :)

      • Thanks for your help. I’m using two polycotton fabrics so I thought they would work well together. I think I need a few more pins, a little more patience and perhaps a few more unpicks until I get there. I will try from the middle this time too. x x

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