Mother gatherers – vintage finds

I don’t know about your mum, but mine is a massive sentimental hoarder. Anything that’s comes with a story, stays. That’s why we have ‘auntie Ingrid’s chest of drawers’, and ‘grandmother Stina’s chair’ etc.

This weekend when I was home in Sweden, I realised that the same applies to her sewing stash. Inherited down at least two generations, the drawers were filled with beautiful vintage sewing bits and bobs, beautiful silk thread, home made lace, and embroidery. And literally thousands of buttons. My mum hasn’t sewn for years and years, but has still kept it all. She was very kind to offload some of it onto me, and I just had to share some photo’s I took of it all.

As I’ve been away I don’t have that much to show for sewing wise. I did start on a Grainline Scout tee, only to realise half-way through that I’d utterly failed at printing out a US letter size pattern as A4… So I’ve ended up with a t-shirt ca 5 sizes too big (and about the width of our livingroom door), and probably completely out of proportion. I haven’t given up however, and am planning some alterations to make it a bit more… snug. Always measure the test square people!


Today I’ll be working on By Hand London’s cute Polly top (free pattern!). Have just got back from a fabric spree at Rolls and Rems off Holloway road where I made some pretty finds…

Have a nice weekend all


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