Inspiration, schminspiration

Where you do draw sewing inspiration from? I’m almost out of fabric at the moment, and won’t be buying any more before payday, so am spending some time gathering ideas for future projects. And there are so much brilliant stuff out there!

Blogs: Yesterday I tripped over Oh, She Dabbles and was blown away by all her Scout tees, including this dress version:


I bought the pattern straight away and am in the process of prepping the fabric…

Embroidery: I never thought I would ever  consider doing it, but after finding Sublime Stitching and realising that embroidery can be Patti Smith as opposed to granny style motifs, I quickly changed my mind. And even made this little make-up bag! It’s got a person’s initials stitched onto dark grey felt on the back, but as it’s a birthday present I don’t want to reveal them…

Skull embroideryI messed up the zipper a bit so it’s not the neatest thing ever – but it works! Feeling inspired, I’m thinking I might make an all white Archer, and do some really colourful tattoo style embroidery on the sleeves and collar. Watch this space…

Pattern alteration: Not having done much experimentation with altering patterns – I was pretty excited to find Garmenter (they’re also Swedish which tugs my patriotic heart string just a tiny bit…). They’ve got a very clever business idea, which helps people come up with their own designs based on their very basic patterns, and also learn pattern alteration along the way. Check out their intro video below.

Usually, I need visual inspiration to get my imagination kickstarted, and that’s why sewing blogs, sew-alongs and flickr are all brilliant resources.

Where do you get inspiration for your projects from? Please tell me – sharing is caring after all :)



2 thoughts on “Inspiration, schminspiration

    • Thought the pattern was a bit boring at first – but have completely changed my mind. Was just lacking your imagination :) Am using a cool bit of vintage cotton fabric I got recently – will post the results here!

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