Coco and the curse of the sewing needle

So, yesterday was the #sewingcoco party. Missing that boat, I’d like to imagine myself arriving with a load of bloody Mary’s, and brunch to all the party hard’ers…

I was so cocky. I had my fabric pieces cut out, and thought it would be a simple exercise of sewing them together last night and then write a smug blog post about it. Man was I wrong. The pattern was perfect, but I ended up in needle hell after my Prym stretch needles wreaked havoc with my Janome. I spent a good hour sewing and ripping, sewing and ripping.. I won’t repeat them here, but I do think I invented some pretty good swear words in the process.

These are not acceptable stitches:


I finally found one needle leftover from the batch that came with the machine (not a stretch needle, but I was desperate at this point). All the pieces then proceeded to come together pretty well.  Next up was ‘adorning’ my coco. I’d bought some black lace that I thought would be a nice addition to the neckline or along the side seams. But after my time consuming battle above, I decided to keep it simple and only use it for the pocket. I also decided to use a contrast stretch fabric that I had at home.


Having finally put all the pieces together, came the task of photographing my work. I’d had ‘a little bit of wine’ at this point, and had what they call ‘crazy eyes’ from the needle battle and was far from photogenic. Also, the lighting in our flat is not great, so I had to resort to doing another headless selfie in the bathroom..


Most of the bloggers I follow use amazing photo’s of themselves and their creations in their posts. What seems to be key is (a) a good camera, (b) someone to take the photo’s of you, and last but not least (c) daylight. I’ve now managed to dig out an old Sony Cybershot camera that I think will do the job better going forward. I am also going to try to convince my boyfriend to help me out.

But in terms of lighting – what to do when the only time I can sew during the weeks is in the evening? Does anyone have any good tips?

Here’s the same top, in daylight, photographed with a better camera.


All in all I’m pretty happy with the result. The pocket is slightly too close to the center of the top, but nothing I can’t live with. The dark red fabric is a bit boring – next time I’ll chose one with stripes or a nice pattern. But, it’s a great top pattern designed by Tilly – I will definitely use it again.

There are so many amazing Coco’s out there, made by people who without a doubt have more imagination that myself. A few favourites are Jenny’sAnwyn’s (brilliant photo) and  Rachel’s.

This is what sewing Coco taught me:

  • Use a good camera when taking photo’s for the blog
  • Try to avoid taking photo’s in the bathroom mirror. If desperate, at least clean the mirror first…
  • I do not sew well if I’m in a rush
  • I do not sew well when drinking wine…

And finally – and just because I find it so hilarious. Here’s what happens when you put one sewer, and one geek together doing DIY in one tiny living room…


Have a lovely weekend!

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