Madeleine skirt from Victory Patterns

I am so incredibly happy with this Madeleine skirt from Victory Patterns. I think this length is very hit and miss for someone who is 6ft tall, and of a ‘powerful’ build (my friends don’t call me Hagrid for nothing..) but thankfully it works. I was tooing and froing over what material to use, and finally settled on a really soft and lovely dark blue cotton twill that won’t be too hot to wear in the summer. I bought this together with some pretty golden buttons from Dalston Mill Fabrics.

I know I haven’t exactly been very creative my choice of colours for this pattern, but blue fabric with a dark yellow thread for the top stitch just felt like the obvious choice. I used some lovely vintage cotton fabric that I bought this weekend as pocket lining.

I really enjoyed sewing this skirt. The instructions were incredibly clear, and the only thing I struggled with was the waistband button hole, which was being a bit of a arsehole. Anyway, I got there in the end (at 1am last night…)! This is definitely a pattern I can recommend to other newbies like myself.

We the sewing - Madeleine skirt 1

Please ignore my frizzy hair and awful shoes…

We the sewing - Madeleine skirt 2

The straps have 3 buttonholes so you can adjust as appropriate. We the sewing - Madeleine skirt 3

And finally, a button close-up…

We the sewing - button

Thanks to my lovely colleague Joanna for playing fashion photographer!

My main insights from this project are:

  • Don’t try to sew button holes on bulky parts of a garment – it will make you want to punch something
  • Sew gauges will make your life insanely easy when sewing hems

Now I’m eagerly awaiting my Coco pattern to arrive in the post so that I can start my next project…

8 thoughts on “Madeleine skirt from Victory Patterns

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  3. This is my weekend sewing plan! (I found your blog Googling madly to see if I could find another tall woman who had sewn this.) I’m still a relatively new sewist, since I found my buried creative bug through knitting, but I’m keen and excited to try this skirt. Yours looks great!

    • Ah thanks man! That is such a nice comment to read. Loved making this skirt – really satisfying make, and have worn it loads already. Glad to have met another tall lady in the blogosphere :) Love the photo’s on your blog!

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