Fabric shopping

That’s it. No more fabric this month. It’s either that or live off porridge…

Shopping clothes used to be my monthly guilty spend, but now that’s been replaced with buying fabric and haberdashery instead. I actually think being fabricoholic (yeah that word doesn’t really work…) is worse – you just have way more options than you have on the highstreet.

Today all my money went to Dalston Mill Fabrics and The Shop on Cheshire Street. It was my first time visiting both after reading about them on yes i like that. I was slightly overwhelmed by Dalston Mill Fabrics. It’s the kind of place where you need a LOT of time to look through the floor to ceiling high stacks, and a reasonable budget. I wanted to buy some wool fabric for my Madeleine skirt, but thanks to £17/m I quickly changed my mind and bought some really lovely cotton twill instead (£7.70/m).

I also got some knit fabric and lace for my Coco. I bought the pattern yesterday and am hoping to have time to get it done for the big Coco Party! I think it will have to be a top for me. A Coco dress would look near indecent on someone my height…

My favourite purchases of the day, however, is without a doubt from The Shop. I found some beautiful patterned silk (1.45 x 0.92 m) for just £6.50 which I think I will use to make the front piece of a top.

Silk fabric from The Shop on Cheshire street

Silk fabric from The Shop on Cheshire street

I also bought this, which I think is an old curtain. The cotton is quite stiff, but I think it could look amazing as either a summer dress or as a really oversized t-shirt. £10 for a 2 x 1.3 m piece ain’t bad!

Cotton from The Shop on Cheshire street

Cotton from The Shop on Cheshire street

So many ideas, so much fabric. I am feeling very tempted, and almost mentally ready to take the Seamless Pledge

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