Claudia Winkleman

Yes I watch the Great British Sewing Bee. I completely missed out last year as I don’t own a TV, and generally don’t watch anything other than series I get hooked on, movies on Netflix etc. Also I hadn’t actually started sewing last year when the show was airing. But this year I am on it like a dog on a bone.

I am without a doubt on team Chinelo. I love how she drafts her own patterns and her use of bold colours and fabric patterns (I wish I was as brave…). And in addition she’s promoting an African tradition brought down to her from her aunt, which is refreshingly counter to our wester obsession with printed patterns and rules.

But, back to the topic of this blog post. Has anyone else noticed the amazingly tailored coats that Claudia’s been wearing? I’ve been scouring the web for a  picture of my favourite, a very masculine black coat jacket, which she wears with the collar turned up, but unfortunately I can’t find a photo of it. Below is another good example…

Claudia Winkelman

It’s probably too late in the year to make a winter coat like this, but for the hell of it, I have been looking around for pattern inspiration and found the following two from BurdaStyle.

BurdaStyle Suit Coat 12/2010 #120A

BurdaStyle Suit Jacket 12/2010 #120B

Not quite sure whether I like the second one – there’s a bit too much of a 90s vibe going on than I’m comfortable with.

Do you know of a good tailored jacket pattern that might live up to the Claudia standard? And does anyone have an opinion on whether it’s feasible to make a jacket without a dressmakers dummy? I’m already occupying our living room with my sewing obsession, and I’m worried the bf might object if I brought one home…


One thought on “Claudia Winkleman

  1. I loved Chinelo too! She’s amazing. I don’t remember Claudia’s coat but I do remember Chinelo has a black frock coat that looked great on her. A bit off-topic, sorry. I also don’t have a TV and only saw the second season two weeks ago :)

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