Beginning: Miette skirt

It seemed such a huge task, sewing my first piece of clothing. Control freak as I am, I did tons of research and quickly, or should I say luckily, found my way to Tilly’s blog.  It contains such a wealth of easily accessed knowledge, and it’s definitely the the place to start for a beginner. Also, she’s so damn charming and engages her readers with what seems like no effort at all.

I decided to try to make her Miette skirt, with the help of a very thorough tutorial.

Miette Skirt

First came choosing the fabric, which is actually really hard when you realise HOW MANY OPTIONS YOU HAVE when sewing. It’s also very different being presented with fabric already sewn into a garment to seeing it rolled up in a shop, trying to imagine how it will look, move, feel, drape, stretch… you get my point. I was pretty lost, but luckily my friend Daniela, who has slightly more vision than myself, was there. We had headed up to Walthamstow market to invest in some seriously cheap fabric (essential guide here) and she managed to convince me to buy this black, slinky, snake-skin looking fabric that I wouldn’t had looked twice at. The price, £3/m, did provide an added incentive too…

And thank god she did. I absolutely loved sewing the pattern, and any worries were quickly dissolved by Tilly’s encouraging instructions. PDF patterns are a bit of a faff, and pretty boring to put together, but you get over it once you get going with the sewing. The one benefit (other than it being really affordable) is actually ending up with your pattern printed on  solid 90gsm paper, rather than flimsy pattern paper which seems to break just looking at it.

Now, I’m fully aware that I didn’t climb bloody Mount Everest, but for me it was a massive boost to be able to make a piece of clothing on my own. And one that I could actually wear to work!

When I made this I wasn’t planning on writing about my experience in a blog, hence the crap photo’s. But there you go.

Tilly – thank you for a a brilliant pattern. Next I’ve got Mathilde on my list….


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